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The team at Makeup Artist Newcastle love to encourage our customers to feel beautiful not just internally, but externally as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Unique ideas of beauty come in different shades, shapes, ages, and more. As a company, we pride ourselves in giving our customers multiple outlooks on what they can become. Our customers come to us with unrelenting shades of beauty. Our goal is to strategically enhance this unique external beauty of our clients with makeup.

More times than not, makeup can act as the final touch in completing a look. Without the special effect of makeup, both the client and the skilled makeup artist may feel as though a look is not complete. Makeup begins from the opening application of a facial primer, the application of foundation, the eye shadow, to the applied concealer and bronzer. The limits with makeup are truly endless. At the end of it all, both the client and the makeup artist share the common goal of promoting confidence. It’s hard to explain, yet it’s safe to say that makeup has the indescribable power of instilling such powerful emotions. Such an attribute mimics the description of a breathtaking piece of mosaic art. The bare face of each client is undoubtedly a fresh canvas.


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Why Trust Us For Your Makeup Service

Just as each client may contemplate the desired makeup look, the makeup artist likewise studies the client to better determine a suitable approach to the shared goal. Vigilant thought and contemplation by the makeup artist are put into the situation at hand. After listening to the interests of the client, the makeup artist swiftly has deep insights on how to make the dreamed look become a reality. This process is useful in building trust between the client and the makeup artist. With a hope that it is apparent, we take pride in building a trustworthy relationship with each and every one of our clients.

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Behind The Makeup

The amateur special occasion makeup artist may successfully apply layers of the finest makeup onto a client, yet leave the client with a sense of dissatisfaction. As previously mentioned, the act of simply applying makeup can be accomplished by many. However, the act of doing so successfully takes time, dedication, and talent. Each of the provided requirements can be found in the makeup artists within this company. We specialize in satisfying the client with presentable makeup looks. Rather than simply “caking” makeup onto each client, our makeup artists apply the desired makeup in a professional-like technique.

Services We Provide

We provide a variety of services that are desgined to cater for most if not all of makeup needs. From bridal parties to makeup lessons we are your one stop makeup artist.

Each bride should feel loved and attended to on the wedding day! It goes without saying: Here at Makeup Artist Newcastle we can assist with that!! The makeup artists at Newcastle strive to provide only the most desired makeup looks for clients. Brides often desire a makeup look that is unique, and most likely, never worn before. This day is meant to be special for the groom, the bridal party, the guests, and more. Thankfully, the bride of a wedding can trust our company to provide the desired makeup look that will be remembered. As pictures are taken, happy tears are shared and memories are made, we want the bride to be confident that beauty radiates. Our company consists of Mobile Makeup Artist to show that we constantly keep such a mindset at the forefront of our intentions.


It is clear that each occasion planned by eager hosts is special in its own way. After immeasurable amounts of precious time, finances, and commitment have been dedicated to a special event, it is important to feel confident while in attendance. As previously mentioned, our company provides makeup for formal event. Proper enhancement of beauty through the proper application of makeup is a major factor in the resulting boost of one’s confidence. Makeup artists have the ability to accurately enhance various makeup looks for the client. Here at Makeup Artist Newcastle, we are here for that! A great amount of dedicated talent is shown in the work accomplished by the makeup artists within this company. Having a suitable outlook on makeup can encourage a client to enjoy time spent with both distant friends and close associates.

As the bride prepares for the special day, the pressure is on the bridesmaid to assist in averting the inevitable disorders of the wedding. In addition to the need of the bridesmaid to aid with the seamless continuation of the wedding, the bridesmaid is also expected to look picture perfect through the entirety of the night. The bridesmaid is expected to have a flawless makeup look to complement the prestigious makeup of the bride. Though each bridesmaid may be wearing a similar styled formal dress for the big event, there is still an appropriate amount of uniqueness amongst each bridesmaid. With this being said, the facial features of each bridesmaid must be individually acknowledged prior to makeup application. Here at Makeup Artist Newcastle, we are gladly here for that! As a company, we are able to provide each bridesmaid with a unique, yet uniting makeup look for the wedding day. Such a talent is highly necessary for beauty, and therefore confidence, to exude through the entire night. Thankfully, our company provides makeup for formal event. Though there may be multiple unfortunate stressors throughout an eventful night of a wedding, after our assistance, makeup will not be one of them.

Each person has their own outlook on makeup. In a way, each person was introduced to the world of makeup through similar, yet diverse circumstances. Our company understands that the correct application of makeup is not always an easily acquired talent. In fact, many inexperienced makeup users need gentle nudges in the correct direction. Such redirection aims to allow the first-time makeup user to become better at such a skill. Thankfully, our company has put together the concept of supporting others in mind. With that being said, we offer make up lessons for beginners. In these lessons, each applicant is acknowledged and taught how to properly apply makeup. The goal is that one day the attendees of the makeup sessions will become a makeup artist for special events such as, but definitely not limited to, weddings (commonly sought out under the tag: mua wedding). With the newfound knowledge provided in the classes regarding such makeup lessons, each student may be able to fulfill numerous makeup dreams in the future.

In order for a wedding to go as planned, each member of the bridal party must be on the lookout for not only the bride but also for any unforeseen issues. Our company provides exquisite makeup for the bridal party, more specifically yet not limited to, bride and bridesmaid makeup. During a wedding, all members of the bridal party are expected to look extremely presentable. With the assistance of our makeup artists, the makeup of the bride and bridesmaid at the event will not be a disappointment.

Correctly applying makeup in an independent setting is for sure a satisfying event. For instance, being able to properly contour, highlight and blend makeup on the face conveys a sense of therapy and self-appreciation. Though correctly applying makeup is indeed a satisfying and prideful event, likewise, is the feeling of getting makeup done in groups. Because our company allows for our makeup artists to apply makeup in the setting of both bridal parties & group bookings, the application of makeup alongside others is seen as an enjoyable affair.


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Can’t quiet see what your’e looking for on our list of services? No stress! If you give us a call or fill out one of our free instant quotes outlining what you would like from us we will try our absolute best to cater to your needs! No job is to big or small for us, no matter what the occasion is we are we are your number one solution for all your makeup needs!


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As a company, we are familiar with the idea that applying makeup can be a scary thought. We understand why many people of all ages would rather shy away from the idea of applying their own makeup. As terrifying as it may seem, we try our best to better address such a concern. Though it is difficult to say that the idea of applying makeup is easy, honestly, applying makeup IS easy. Anyone can put foundation on a brush or sponge and apply it to the face. The key is, can it be done corectly?! The goal is to apply makeup in a way that is presentable to not only the client but also the camera. With this being said, our company strives to assist the client with a makeup look that is timeless, personable, and unique. With our help, each event can be an event to look forward to.

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Here at our company, we take great delight in helping others with proper makeup application. Whether makeup application consists of makeup for formal events or for bridal parties and group bookings, we are interested in sharing our expertise and providing our help. We take great gratitude in the ability to assist. As we aim to please, we take the application of makeup seriously. We adhere to both the standards of our clients, while still firmly holding onto our sense of expertise in the world of makeup. We offer our makeup application and availability through multiple locations. Methods to contact us include mobile contact with our mobile makeup artist, bridal parties & group bookings, and at the request of a wedding makeup artists (mua wedding). We look forward to assisting you!


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